Want To Win Clash Of Clans Every Time? Follow These Steps

Clash of Clans is a game that is considered to be as one of the most intense and challenging in the world of gaming. This game allows you to be a member of a clan and participate in major clan wars along with other participants. However, are you unable to win these wars? Are looking for some perfect strategies and ideas to get victory in every war you take part in? If that is so, then this is the apt guide for players like you.

Strategies to win Clash of Clans

Quel startégie utiliser dans clash of clans serveur privé to be victorious in every attempt is explained below-

  • Rehearse beforehand: You should always practice attacking the goblins or villages which do not include any fear of missing out the trophies. This will brush your skills and introduce you to undiscovered strategies.

  • Keep strong troops in your army: Make sure that your castle has lot of troops as they will assist you to protect your castles and village during wars. When it comes to donating, Dragons, Valkyries, and wizards are considered as ideal choices.

  • Scout before raiding: Scouting is the best way to find out how you should attack and put forward your soldiers. This will also allow you to understand the defence strategy of your opponents.

  • Go through replays: You can improve your mistakes by watching your previous attacks. Not only this, the players also try to watch the replays of other players to know different strategies.

  • Plan and co-ordinate the attacks: Ensure to co-ordinate the attacking strategy well in advance. For instance, allow your top 15 members to attack the leading 15 members of the opposing clan. The rest members should rest and plan to attack later.

  • Keep customizing your soldiers: After few attacks, you would know what kind of troops and characters are perfect for your team. Keep adding new troops to ensure success.

Following these simple ideas and strategies will certainly allow you to win over all the clan wars.